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Sahachai Promotion Co., Ltd

was founded in 1977. The company started off as an agent selling miscellaneous houseware goods such as kitchenware, stainless and plastic ware, building a strong distribution network across Thailand as they continued to grow. 

Since then, they continued to develop themselves moving from sales agent to a manufacturer with their own distribution channel. The company invested in fixed assets, building factory and bought additional machinery for their own production. These investments were not only enabling them to offer a wide range of product variety, but also control product quality, which is the heart of Sahachai’s focus. With years of developing and improving their products, Sahachai is now one of the most effective production factories. To maintain the quality, Sahachai has a fully integrated production line, from producing its own mould to in-house product design & development team and supported by a strong team of sales & marketing veterans and its vast network of distribution channels. 

Sahachai emphasizes on the superior quality, excellent durability and creative product designs. Our quality is guaranteed with an experience of over 20 years, more than 10 million units sold and trusted by many clients in Thailand and in Asia.

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